What We do

Geotex 500 & 600 FibreCrete

High-performance macro-synthetic fibres for modern day concrete reinforcement.

Concrete & Shotcrete Admixtures

We supply Plasticisers, Superplasticisers, Retarders, Accelerators, Mould Release Agents, & Concrete Removers.


Our Dry cast is designed specifically with low water to cement ratio and a zero slump, which prevents deformation.  ...

Wide Range Gate and Butterfly Valves

World-Class Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, High Preassure rated and Actuating Applications.

Mix designs & Concrete Consulting

We do Mix designs for Dry/Pre-bagged concrete and give technical support to our clients. We therefore provide professional services with...

Grout Capsules, Cable & Anchor Grout

Complete Grout solutions from Grout capsules, Cable Grout, Anchor Grout, Grout Pumps, etc


Who we are

We are a BBBEE level 1 enterprise. We firmly believe in Customer Service as the cornerstone and ethos of our organization.

We have the resources and experience to provide high quality service to our clients.

We are humble to our customers requirements however our staff take top priority in customer satisfaction and well-being

Why Us


To find cost effective ways of performing services or supplying of products to our customers.


To bring new technology and recognize manufacturing ideas in the mining and construction industry.


We are committed to high business ethics and believe in serving our customers Professionally and with integrity.


To bring quality, reliability, improvement and service to the customer and achieve excellent service through our human capital.  


  • Business Hours : Monday - Friday : 8am to 5pm
  • Address : 6 Alex Du Toit Street; Phalaborwa; 1390
  • E-mail : admin @ springbokminingsup.co.za
  • Office Number : 015 781 2442
  • Sales (Technical) : 079 863 7271
  • Sales (Management) : 073 659 9704