Our Dry cast is designed specifically with low water to cement ratio and a zero slump, which prevents deformation.  


Springbok Activator Plus is a triple action admixture that accelerates, plasticises and entrain air in drycast mixes. It contains chloride, which accelerates, plasticises and entrains air in dry concrete mixes. It increases strength at 24 hours by up to 30%. Springbok Plast Activator + enhances the flow properties of dry cement mixes dramatically, resulting in a significant reduction in vibration and cycle times.Springbok Plast Activator + furthermore permits the optimization of the cement content by improving the dispersion of the cement particles with resultant improvement in the final strength and durability.
Springbok Plast Alpha 25 is a special Admixture for Light Precast, it is a specific formulation for dry concrete in immediate demoulding. It is particularly adapted for the realisation of blocks and flooring blocks. Thanks to its dispersing and accelerating power,Springbok Plast Alpha 25 improves short term mechanical strengths. Pouring concrete admixtured with Springbok Plast Alpha 25 in formworks is improved: the cycle timing is reduced.
We also stock Springbok Plast CM 90 which is a plasticer formulated for drycast concrete. Also the Springbok Alpha Pave 305 - Air entraining admixture for dry concrete.


Springbok Dem Elio SP is a paraffin based, delayed release agent for steam curing concrete pipes (dry mix) in the precast industry.


Some of the Product Advantages:

  • Specially formulated for steam curing pipes – does not break down when exposed to high temperatures of the steam curing process
  • Easy mould release once the concrete has set; without causing damage to the concrete and mould
  • Reduces labour costs by minimising the cleaning of moulds due to the fact that concrete does not stick onto the moulds Temporarily protects metallic moulds from corrosion and extends the life of the mould
  • Reduces the likelihood of imperfections and surface damage (particularly blow holes) to the concrete, creating more durable, blemish free and consistent concrete surfaces
  • This thin oil is well suited to reducing blow holes
  • Does not stain or affect the colour of the concrete
  • Does not affect the adhesion of subsequent finishes and coatings. Plaster, paint and other coatings may be applied subsequently
  • Water repellent and not affected by rain
  • Does not modify cement hydration
  • Ready to use product – far more convenient and reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur if mixing is required.