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Ready-to-use aqueous phase curing agent for fresh concrete, mortars, other cement base coatings and freshly demoulded concrete. It prevents concrete and mortar from drying out too quickly, which enables a more complete hydration of the cement particles and limits early age cracking and drying shrinkage.

CHRYSO®Cure Acrylic
This is a water-based slightly viscous acrylic emulsion solution which dries to a colourless stain free surface when applied to concrete.

A white pigmented wax emulsion that breaks down to form a non-penetrating continuous film immediately upon contact with a cementitious surface.

A white pigmented petroleum resin emulsion where light reflectance is needed to keep the temperature of the concrete to a minimum.


CHRYSO®Fibrin 1860 F is a macro fibrillated polypropylene fibre that is cut to 18 mm in length and has a nominal thickness of 50 microns and is used predominantly in the precast industry.


CHRYSO®Fibre Plus for pigmented concrete is also available, which is designed to control and reduce plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracks. It also greatly improves the surface quality of concrete by reducing the amount of bleed. Excessive bleeding on the surface can cause the colour to fade and make the concrete porous.